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AI empowers your usual analytics
AI immediately detects outdated content or inaccuracy in your product cards. It saves at least 100 working hours spent on manual monitoring and accelerates changes.
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  • Analyses of 1000 product
    cards per second
  • Finding unwanted words in
  • No more manual monitoring
    and responding
  • Image angles recognition
  • Showing deviations from the
    reference PIM-content
  • 99% accuracy of findings
AI assesses product cards as users do
24ORM recognises images, compares them with benchmark and shows irrelevant, inaccurate or edited images.
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  • AI can recognize angles and perspectives
  • It will notify you the presence of foreign elements like inscriptions or watermarks
  • It can also detect the presence of specification icons
  • Groups images by type: power/main image, lifestyle and more;
  • Recognizes low-resolution images;
  • Highlights extra images that shouldn’t be on the page.
AI immediately indicates errors in descriptions
Technology performs semantic analysis, finds unwanted or exception words in text, compares product cards with benchmark.
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  • It can recommend you improvements for your description text;
  • Highlights inappropriate words;
  • Intelligent text analysis;
  • Recognizes synonyms and abbreviations;
  • After you set a standard, AI will notify you if it finds any inconsistencies within the PDP
Keep track of 75+ real time metrics to optimise your digital shelf, improve the customer’s shopping experience and increase the conversion rate
Content accuracy and reviews
Availability & Assortment
Prices, sales and search ranking

Maintain content accuracy by tracking benchmark mismatches in descriptions, images and image quantity in addition to rich content.

Find out about negative reviews in no time and monitor review scores.

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In a single window, keep an eye on all of your goods stock and logistics and receive instant notifications on their statuses regardless of their location and point of sale.

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Monitor competitors’ price points, new product launches, popular product categories, the promotions they have and their efficiency.

You can also compare your offers and search results to your competitor’s to improve your brand’s presence

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All that in one tab

Make data-driven decisions and create a shopping experience that will let you stand out from the competition

Monitor the content quality, product availability with all retailers, the prices and bargains among competitors –
all that in one tab.

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Expertise beyond software
We work as
a part of your team
We are always in touch if you need help with technical issues, data analysis, or finding a growth strategy.
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Why brands choose us
«We use several innovative analytical tools, in particular 24ORM. At the moment we are working on a project whose main goals are tracking prices, ratings, reviews for our products and competitors’ products, monitoring compliance with our guidelines for images, descriptions, titles and other important textual information. We manage online merchandising, notice errors in time, and thus control sales».
Trade marketing manager Huawei
Aishat Magomedova
«The 24ORM analytical service solves most of the tasks: from monitoring prices to advertising activities of competitors. We are very happy about this. Now, to understand what is happening with your partners, you do not need to visit sites and look for information — everything is in one place. In addition, everything can be easily uploaded and digitized without manually copying the data. A convenient dashboard removes requests from our colleagues from the marketing department; previously these requests would have been handled manually».
eCommerce Manager Abbott EPD Trade Department
Anna Osenina
«Last year we managed to double our online sales worldwide. To maintain sales at a high level, the representation of goods on the «digital shelf» acquires a special role — today it is online merchandising. To do this, we use a set of innovative analytical tools, in particular, 24ORM».
Digital Merchandiser LEGO
Aisylu Nafikova
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